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The Shift Effect

How Small Shifts Improve Leader Performance

The Shift Effect — a book for leaders of all kinds — demonstrates that our biggest challenges can be overcome with the smallest of personal shifts.

The evidence from 50 leaders in the book shows that small shifts in mindset or behavior produce remarkable results. And yet the surprising conclusion of The Shift Effect is that many of us resist making those slight upgrades. Why?

Some felt changing meant becoming something they were not. One woman feared being seen as selfish if she set boundaries for herself. Others leaned into a habit so far that it was almost a fatal flaw.

See how a key insight, a simple graphic, and a slight shift transformed the impact of 50 leaders. And how The Shift Effect’s continuum tool can do the same for you.

Are You clueless?

7 Clues to Profit, Productivity, & Partnership for Leaders in a Multicultural World

Clueless? is for individual leaders – in business, government, non-profits – who deal with increasingly diverse employees and customers every day. It tells some of the bizarre stories from my 20+ years of consulting of how customers and employees get “clueless” treatment because of their difference. In turn, the organization loses the customer or employee, or does something illegal. In many cases, people don’t know what they don’t know, so the organization doesn’t know it’s losing customers that avoid the business, or employees who check out. Then I provide 7 Clues leaders can use every day to tap into this “new” world. Finally, the book applies the Clues to 10 common cross-cultural scenarios leaders face.