How We Work​

We improve organizational performance through two primary leverage points:  leaders and strategy. Our coaches and consultants use their experience to tailor strategies for improvement to your workplace culture – organizations are unique, leaders are unique. 

That experience translates into value for you.  You get a consultant or coach who is calm, is holistic/systemic in their assessments and recommendations, and is creative because they build from and respect your input rather than dictating a stock technique.

Without fail, clients love him – he does fantastic work.

Thomas Henderson, Assistant Dean, Business Development
Executive Education, University of Texas at Dallas

How We Help

Here’s how we help create great leaders and great places to work:


We clarify with you what you want to ...
We clarify with you what you want to achieve and we work with you to ensure those goals are compelling. The primary driver of high performance is a compelling mission.


We integrate history into possible ...
We integrate history into possible strategies - whether it's your individual history, organizational history, or diversity and inclusion history. History can help or keep individuals and organizations stuck. Bright futures hinge off history.


We use "in-the-moment" information ...
We use "in-the-moment" information. How we experience you and your organization as we work with you can reveal profound options for improvement.


We use a "small shifts" approach ...
We use a "small shifts" approach in coaching, teams, and inclusion - we've learned that small changes can have big impact. What can you do, simply, today? Tomorrow?


We use expert facilitation methods, from ...
We use expert facilitation methods, from adult learning techniques to create interest and transparency, to a calm presence for difficult conversations, to a focus on application that lives on.

Evaluation of Success

The results you want are a north star ...
The results you want are a north star. We return to your goals repeatedly to assure you are achieving them, whether in coaching, team building, or diversity and inclusion.

Tom Finn

Tom consults with leaders and teams to maximize positive influence and help them create great places to work.  See more on handling pressure and overload and Tom’s book Are You Clueless?…

TFA’s associates

TFA’s associates are long-time colleagues who have deep expertise and master-level comfort with groups and individuals.  They have proven success with customers all over the world.