Team Performance Improvement

Our approach

We have worked with teams that are good and want to get better, and we have worked with teams in disarray and open conflict.

Our approach in both situations is pretty similar.
With you, we:


  • Get a sense of where you want your team to be
  • Gather information with you on where things stand now
  • Feed back to you a summary of what we heard and see


  • Plan with you a strategy to reach your goals
  • Include interactive activities that increase learning, input, and buy-in
  • Set up team member involvement and follow-on mechanisms


Facilitate that plan. That could mean:
  • Improving the leadership team’s cohesion.
  • Coaching the leader (s).
  • Facilitating team building and planning with the team.
  • Conducting conflict resolution sessions.
  • Aligning large organizations with methods such as “Future Search” or Scenario Planning.

Evaluate and Cement

Have you evaluate success and make adjustments

  • Set up a continuous improvement process with you that will make the team’s development ongoing.
  • Check in with you to help with the ongoing tweaks, plans, and actions.

Doing the above sounds straightforward.
It’s not easy.

That’s why we offer uncommon skills.  Our experience at team performance improvement means you get:

  • Knowledge about what change elements are essential (e.g., future focus, compelling goals, checking the level of motivation for a change)
  • A strategy based on what we have seen work before tailored to your workplace culture
  • Calm in the heat of battle – facilitating conflict, ability to feed back data that may be controversial
  • Skill in balancing negativity tendencies by highlighting what works on the team
  • Ability to distinguish strategies that are lasting from popular but ineffective ones.

If you have despaired that nothing will change – whether in a leader’s style, employee attitudes, or organizational culture – consider a team-based effort.

Everyone deserves a great place to work.

That is why we got into this field.  Team performance improvement can shift negative, compliant workplaces to more positive, energetic, productive and fulfilling cultures.

See for yourself in our Case Studies.

“Tom was a great facilitator especially in tailoring the session to our feedback and our specific organization.

- Federal Procurement Officer

“The scope in which you see problems is much wider. You see the broader context.

- Government Medical Officer

“Tom – you are fabulous! Thank you for making us feel comfortable to participate even though some of the topics could be potentially uncomfortable in a public setting.

- Corporate Middle Manager