Executive Coaching

“The problem is external,
the solution is internal.”

The overwhelming “external” – the workload, pace, and complexity of today’s workplace – is likely to continue. So we focus on how you can rise to the occasion by adding to your repertoire.  You’re good.  Let’s make you even better.

One of our coaching customers said, “…coaching was the most value-added training experience of my 22+ year career.”  Part of this was because coaching is tailored just to you – the issues you face as a leader, the background you bring, the job you need to get done. 

We like to think our way of doing coaching is unique and effective.  The approach includes:

1. A North Star

We set goals with you that guide our work.

2. Discovery

We use unique tools (e.g., genograms, a boundary setting instrument, polarity thinking) that help you see yourself and others in ways you may not have before.

3. Body and Mind

We bring physical and mindset patterns to the forefront for use in maximizing your effectiveness.

4. Presence Of The Past

We embrace and utilize past patterns. Family, school, geography, former jobs-all shape our current behavior. The question is whether they serve us now (more detail at lifelineconsulting.com).

5. Shifts

Leaders come to us with complex challenges. Yet simple, small shifts usually end up being their answers. We focus on small, doable changes that you can put into practice right away.

6. In-the-moment experiences

Feeding back how we experience you may be the greatest value coaching can offer. Your impact on us may be the same impact you are having on others.

“You are helping me get unstuck on an important issue... and it was fun! I'm always amazed at how great a listener you are and how you are able to translate (or help me translate) random thoughts into meaningful conclusions. What a gift!"

- Director, Corporate Organization Development.

“I don’t think I would have been as clear-headed and confident to make decisions if I hadn’t been working with you in the coaching."

- Cybersecurity Director

“I have to report that your coaching made a huge difference, as my next review in 2016 was significantly better, and the general opinion and “happiness grade” of my current trainees is improved."

- Doctor and Research Lab Leader

“I want to thank you for our coaching sessions. I think the conversations we’ve been having around how to have difficult conversations have been very helpful and game-changers. I’ve been pushed outside of my comfort zone, but in a good way."

- Supervisor, Non-profit

“I most appreciated the back-and-forth between Tom’s frameworks, observations, and expertise and my own insights into my behavior and emotional management strategies. The results of the sessions felt like a true blend or synergy of our respective observations and knowledge, which represents the best of what coaching can and should produce."

- Federal Middle Manager