Performance improvement for leaders and teams

We help leaders create great places to work through leadership coaching, building team excellence, and facilitating unique inclusion strategies. 

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everyone deserves a great place to work

Ask anyone, “What’s it like to work in this organization?” The response we get most often is, “Depends on your boss.” Everybody should work in a “Great Place to Work.” That’s why our company helps make great leaders. If the boss is the company, then great bosses can make great companies. Or great agencies. Or great non-profits.

Overloaded and under pressure to deliver?

Want your employees to initiate and be more strategic?

Need to influence but don’t have position power?

Looking to align a team and make it even better?

Looking to make inclusion a positive, not a problem?

We’ve got some ideas.

How we help


We help clarify the effect of  your personal patterns on your success.
  • Handling political battles
  • Coaching employees on counterproductive behaviors
  • Focusing on  strategic priorities
  • Managing Executive Time and Overload
  • Creating options when you are out of options

Team Performance

We help teams thrive by using a forward focus and by opening channels of transparency. We help leaders and teams:

  • Build a base of trust and openness – the key team foundation
  • Create compelling goals that unite and align
  • Focus their efforts in an overwhelmed workplace
  • Develop a continuous improvement mindset and approach


We have four unique methods in this area that help create a workplace that welcomes and stimulates all:

  • Organizational Strategy for Inclusion
  • Measures for Diversity and Inclusion
  • An assessment tool to pinpoint where you are and where to go
  • Coaching and Training for Unconscious Bias and Inclusion

Tom's New Book:

The Shift Effect

Why don’t many of us take an obvious action to improve ourselves or a situation?  See why, and get answers for increasing your positive influence in The Shift Effect.

"My gosh, he's a different person. There's an entirely new side to him. It's really working - let's lock that in. I don't get the sense he's swimming upstream. A switch was flipped."

- CFO comment on the effect of Tom's coaching on his VP.

"Since our first connection, I've definitely learned more about myself than I have through most any other professional relationship. You are good at what you do."

- Corporate Director

"I’ve gone to lots of training in my life. I’ve never said before that this or that training has changed my way of operating and skills. I do feel like you have changed my way of managing and supervising as a result of working with you. I got so much more out of the program than I was expecting."

- Federal agency supervisor.

"I have been taking a chance on saying something, and actually have had some influence. I didn’t die, no one told me I was nuts. Since talking to you and being in this position, I’ve been taking more personal risk in coming out of my comfort zone, instead of waiting to agree with someone else who initiates. I’m actually saying something first and then others agree with me!"

- Federal Lab Director.