The Old

How could an old sweater prevent you from getting a promotion?

When the sweater represented a value.

Joe had that sweater.  He was an effective manager and his company wanted to promote him so he could have an even bigger impact.

But his manager suggested he lose the sweater.

Now the sweater became a statement piece to Joe, representing his belief that results should win out, not appearance.

He dug in for a while.  If he caved on this, was it a slippery slope to a guy he didn’t want to become?

Coaching conversations led to a realization that he was going to an extreme in his thinking – sabotaging himself and an opportunity for greater, positive influence.  Joe’s answers were small shifts along a continuum we named Play The Game/Don’t Compromise.  With this frame clear, we found ways to keep Joe’s values (not “playing the game”) without losing his chance for greater impact, such as “Keep Your Values, Choose Your Behaviors,” and clarifying his highest goals.

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What’s your old sweater?  Is there some principle or habit where you won’t budge that might be costing you unnecessarily?

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